Patagonia Frontiers instructed a three-day outreach program in October, 2018 for 13 students studying tourism with the Liceo Rural Cerro Castillo.

The goal was to share Patagonia Frontiers’ experience as an outdoor education institution, to strengthen and give sense to content learned in the classroom and to expand student’s vision of the development of tourism in the region and how to care for, protect and preserve Patagonia’s natural and cultural wealth.

What students and teachers had to say:

“Our students had the opportunity to visit Patagonia Frontiers and carry out diverse outdoor learning activities such as classes in flora and fauna, environmental conservation, sustainable tourism, and basic concepts in glaciology and geography. We greatly appreciate the willingness of John Hauf, director of Patagonia Frontiers in providing their facilities, support staff and delivery of knowledge from his extensive experience as an outdoor educator. We believe that these activities are in direct benefit of our students, strengthening and giving sense to content that we develop in the classroom as well as expanding their vision of the tourist development of our region and how we must take care, protect and preserve our natural and cultural wealth “

Program Itinerary:

Students trekked and explored an untouched and largely unknown part of wild Patagonia following a portion of our signature route - The Gaucho Way.  The route follows traditional trails used by the Gauchos, Chilean cowboys who are friends and neighbors.  On horseback, they herd cattle to market and return to their homesteads with flour, sugar, yerba mate and other sundries.  The Gaucho Way denotes both their passage through the mountain landscape and their distinctive, gracious culture.

Day 1:  Meet a.m. in Puerto Bertrand, boat transfer to Patagonia Frontiers’ base, introduction and orientation, settle into sleeping, eating and cooking arrangements. Five-hour hike to Marble Overlook with classes en route, followed by a return to the main ranch for evening round table session and debrief of day.  Students do their own cooking and cleaning.

Day 2:  Morning conversation with local gauchos about what it's been like to work in outdoor education and tourism for so many years within an internationally diverse arrangement. Discuss how things have changed over time and where they see the future and what is important for folks coming into the field.  Full-day hike to valley overlook with periodic classes and teachable moments along the way. The hike begins with a class on creek crossing safety. Students prepare dinner followed by a campfire on the beach with guitar playing and music.

Day 3:  Review and feedback followed by departure to Puerto Bertrand.


Patagonia Frontiers Philosophy:

“To contact the deeper truth of who we are, we must engage in some activity or practice that questions what we assume to be true about ourselves.” ~A.H. Almaas

We design and lead wilderness education and leadership programs. Our educational programs work with high schools, universities, camps and other organizations to provide logistics and risk management oversight for the institution's established program or through our own outdoor, leadership and science curriculum.

Our mission is to advance outdoor education and conserve wilderness classroom, serving as an ally for the surrounding parks and communities. We create learning environments that invite students to expand their view of what is possible, both as an individual and as a group. Our intent is for students to gain knowledge, courage, and techniques necessary for implementing beneficial change, and the enthusiasm to positively impact our world and be dreamers and doers in their own lives.

"When we know that the animals and plants are part of who we are, we can listen and respond. Ignoring the trees is like ignoring our lungs when they are congested and we can't breathe. Extinction of the songbirds means the end of our living music. When the planet herself calls to us in our dreams, if we are in touch with the truth of our mutual belonging, our hearts naturally stir with care. We remember that the web of life is our home." ~Tara Brach, excerpted from Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha

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