Patagonia Frontiers guests, clients and students have enjoyed trips and programs in Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Morocco, India, New Zealand, Iceland, Tanzania, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Mongolia, Alaska, Wyoming, and many other places. 

Below are examples of several international trips. Please contact us for more detailed itineraries. 


Come enjoy an Andes to Amazon Adventure®. Our groups have ranged from adventurous 16 year-olds on month-long learning expeditions who traverse the high cordillera, work with local schools, mountain bike down from the Altiplano, and explore the upper reaches of the Amazon basin to a family spanning three generations and wanting an authentic experience in out of the way places. We’ve taught mountaineering on the high, icy peaks of the Cordillera Real and trekked the wandering, isolated Incan paths of the Apolobamba Range in the natural reserve of the Kallawaya healers.


Ever since our first visit to the Country of Blue Skies, we’ve been hooked!  Join us on a camel supported trek to the Kharhiraa Mountains, a part of the Greater Altai Range in the far-flung reaches of the ancient Mongol Empire. The region is home to a small and intriguing ethnic group known as the Khotont, nomads who rely principally on their horses, camels and yaks, which accompany them and their flocks into the high pasture and passes found in their grazing range. 

Visitors to these sparsely inhabited lands are likely to share a rich and rewarding cultural experience when happening across an isolated ger or encampment and enjoy opportunities to view wildlife such as the famous snow leopard, or Tibetan wolf, which we happened upon during our last visit. The broad landscape is a trekkers dream, and our Mongolian support team is the quintessence of nomadic hospitality.  


Patagonia Frontiers has safely and successfully led over 80 trips to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa. We know that it’s not how quickly you trek and climb that determines your chance of getting to the top and down again safely, instead it’s how rhythmically you move and how much energy you conserve.  It also helps that many of our experienced support team on the mountain have worked together for more than a decade.  Most climbers choose to enjoy a wildlife safari to such iconic Tanzanian National Parks as Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti, with its endless plain and ceaseless migration.


Please contact us for more detailed itineraries of our international trips.