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A Wilderness Education, Adventure, and Nature Conservancy Ranch.

Trek unspoiled wild lands and visit a remote glacier. Ride a sure-footed horse up long, broad, mountain valleys, which look over crystalline glacier lakes, deep blue rivers, mountain streams, ancient forests and spectacular, glaciated peaks. Fish, kayak, or raft down mighty, untamed rivers and peaceful lakes. Fill your lungs with fresh, crisp, clean air accompanied by gentle rumblings of lake waves hitting rocky shores, and soft thumping horse hooves connecting with the earth.  Partake in the local custom of sharing a morning mate (local tea). Enjoy a deliciously prepared meal in community with others. Share a glass of wine and stories over a campfire. Play a board game or cuddle up to a good book. Witness the profound connection the local people have with the land, seasons, animals and each other and how that shapes traditions, customs, and daily affairs of a unique and colorful culture.

We invite you to take a look at our sample itineraries or contact us for more details. 

Already in the area and looking for an adventure? Join us on our NEW 3-Day Guided Glacier Hike.


We are a privately-owned nature conservancy ranch that offers trekking, horseback trips, fly fishing, ranch vacations, mountaineering, and outdoor educational programs in the heart of Patagonia, Chile and other international destinations. Additionally, we design and lead wilderness and leadership programs in partnership with educational organizations.

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horse Riding

Our horseback excursions range from simple trail rides to multi-day horse journeys that include packhorses to carry the food and equipment. The beautiful valleys, lush forests, and mountain peaks offer a wide variety of terrain. You'll be able to experience everything from a craggy mountain trail to a long, sandy beach, and always with the majestic backdrop of the Northern Patagonia Icefield filling the head of the valley and rising 10,000 feet above.    

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Fly Fishing

Our guests have ready access to fly fish some of the most spectacular and productive waters in southern Chile. The rivers here have attracted international recognition for the excellence and challenge of its fishery, yet it remains a mostly private experience. The waters are a crystal-clear turquoise powerhouse that yields impressive results wade fishing along its banks as well as float fishing from cataracts or other small craft.

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Supported TRekking

Our signature route "The Gaucho Way", follows a high, broad and broken bench above Lago Plomo with glaciated peaks at our shoulder and the lake's jade colored waters below our feet. On the horizon lie the expansive Northern Icefield and its seemingly endless mountains. This is the traditional route used by the gauchos, our friends, and neighbors. 

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Our location has privileged access to many surrounding mountains with a broad array of mountaineering opportunities, whose level of challenge ranges from beginner to expert. The reverse seasons between northern and southern hemispheres means that you’ll have access to glacial mountaineering when North American opportunities are extremely limited. The courses are excellent preparation for an Aconcagua, Denali, Elbrus or other Northern Hemisphere climbs the following season.

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Educational Programs

We design and lead wilderness and leadership programs. Our educational programs work with high schools, universities, camps, and other organizations to provide logistics and risk management oversight for the institution's established program or through our own outdoor and leadership curriculum.

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We invite you to take a look at our sample itineraries or contact us for more detail.