The Patagonia Frontiers Institute advances outdoor education and conserves wilderness classroom. The institute is an ally for surrounding parks and communities.  This educational organization is open to students, teachers and learners from around the world.  


This is a place where students come to the border of their current knowledge and/or understanding about a subject, be that glaciology or leadership/communication styles, effects of climate change or cultural pre-conceptions, and gain the enthusiasm, courage, and techniques to step over that border of understanding and into their unknown frontier beyond.  We want students to gain the enthusiasm to keep on heading forward into that frontier for years to come so that they may positively impact our world and be dreamers and doers in their own lives.

The Program:

We offer one to four-week programs using wilderness classroom for high school students and teachers, higher education students and other educational groups.  Students and their teachers choose from the following foci of programs: geology, atmospheric sciences and climate change, natural history and conservation.  Each area of focus includes student leadership, cultural exchange and personal and group reflection activities.  Programs operate from our base in Patagonia, Chile and internationally.

The Need:

We live in a world where our youth are often less than positive about their futures.  Our technologic culture offers the enticements of better and quicker productivity but also deprives our younger generations from the joys of experimentation, critical thinking and adventure. 

A wilderness experience can change an individual’s learning potential and outlook on life in a transformative way. Participants finish with a more positive attitude about themselves and their ability to accomplish things in what they now see as a larger, more compelling world.  The program provides an inspiration that makes learning something they want to do more of in the future, and repositions participants to see more of their world and more of their role in that world.


The institute's programs currently request a modest tuition and are substantially supported by our for profit wilderness adventure business. Because cost can be a significant barrier to outdoor education, the connection to a wilderness experience must also include a plan for funding subsidy.