Discover a pristine and largely unknown part of wild Patagonia, famed for its untouched natural beauty. 

Fill your lungs with fresh, clean air while listening to the natural rhythm of lake waves hitting rocky shores, and the soft thumping of horse hooves connecting with the earth. Participate in the local custom of sharing mate, a local tea.  Enjoy a deliciously prepared meal in community with others.  Share a glass of wine and stories around a campfire. Pick out the Southern Cross amongst the night’s sparkling stars. Cup your hands in pure, frigid water and enjoy the sweet taste of a mountain brook.

The Gaucho Way is our signature route. It follows traditional paths used by the Gauchos, Chilean cowboys who are friends and neighbors. On horseback, they herd cattle to market and return to their homesteads with flour, sugar, yerba mate and other sundries. The Gaucho Way signifies both their passage through the mountain landscape and their distinctive, gracious culture.

Sample Itineraries * Each trip's length, activity types, and skill level may be adapted to meet a party's goals and needs.

Our wilderness home is located in the Solér Valley along the water’s edge of Lago Plomo in the Aysén Region of Patagonia, Chile.  The waters of Lago Plomo are the furthest western extension of South America’s second largest lake, Lago General Carrera.  Our ranches are situated in the center of an immense, wild terrain of crystalline lakes, deep blue rivers, clean mountain streams, broad valleys, ancient forests and spectacular, glaciated peaks.  They are sentinel to nearly 2,000 square kilometers of navigable lake waters and a private gateway to a vast mountain topography encompassing surrounding national parks, the Northern Patagonia Icefield and numerous adjacent ranges.

We offer a variety of fully supported walking treks from our private ranch in Patagonia, Chile and other international destinations. Our horseback program includes outings ranging from simple trail rides to multi-day horse packing trips that traverse valleys, cross rivers, and camp at the edge of glaciers. Our fly-fishing trips provide a well-rounded, exciting mix of daily outings fishing for brown and rainbow trout in a wide variety of local waters.  We also offer in-depth training in all phases of mountaineering and expedition travel.  

Our educational programs work with high schools, universities, camps, and other organizations to provide logistics and risk management oversight for an institutions established program or through own outdoor and leadership curriculum. 

Our itineraries can combine any of the above activities with a selection of additional options such as whitewater rafting, wildlife viewing, and agritourism.   Whichever trip you select there will be opportunities for cross-cultural sharing with our Chilean friends and neighbors who live and work frontier homesteads throughout the area. 

We hope that this sample itinerary highlights what this trip offers.  Ideally, each trip is best crafted by working together with our guests and clients. Each trip’s length, activity types, and skill level may be adapted to meet a party’s goals and desires.

Whether you choose an established itinerary or create one of your own, our commitment is to accommodate your interests and to provide you with a thoroughly enjoyable, safe and memorable experience. We look forward to hosting you at our wilderness ranch home.

We invite you to take a trip with us!

Please contact us for more detailed itineraries of our trips.