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Collaborated to offer a 12-day, expedition-based leadership journey in the remote wilds of Patagonia, Chile. Focused on building a pathway to fulfilling a life of vitality, freedom, and purpose.

The program was designed as a life-changing adventure. One where heart felt conversations would be shared while wandering beneath towering peaks, long naps would be had in grassy meadows, and the making of friends-for-life was made possible.  A transformational journey of the heart and soul where the inner and outer worlds of each individual were explored, learning from and with a small group of committed travelers.  Intent of the journey was to uncover a deeper knowing of the individuals true self and explore opportunities for greater impact and deeper fulfillment.  

This was a true wilderness experience.  There was no access to email, internet or phone service during the journey. A full way to unplug from the modern world, immerse fully in nature, and experience a true adventure.

Summary of trip Video

What students and teachers had to say:

For about a decade Virginia had periodically described in her journal her dream of living on a ranch and having her horse (which she then kept at a boarding barn miles away) in the back field.  After returning from guiding a Leadership Journey to Patagonia, and having watched Virginia work her magic through her Coaching With Horses sessions, we put a stake in the ground: "It's time, lets do this!" - Virginia Rhoads and John McConnell

Program Itinerary:

Students trekked and explored an untouched and largely unknown part of wild Patagonia following our signature route - The Gaucho Way.  It follows traditional routes used by the Gauchos, Chilean cowboys who are friends and neighbors.  On horseback, they herd cattle to market and return to their homesteads with flour, sugar, yerba mate and other sundries.  The Gaucho Way denotes both their passage through the mountain landscape and their distinctive, gracious culture.

  • Day 1: Depart on overnight international flight from U.S.A. to SCL, Chile. 

  • Day 2: Arrive Santiago. Domestic flight to Balmaceda Regional Airport (BBA). Private transfer to Puerto Bertrand. Overnight in Pto. Bertrand.

  • Day 3: Boat shuttle with full-day hike finishing at main ranch, 12 km. (7 mi.) Overnight at PF Guest House, Main Ranch.

  • Day 4: Day at Ranch. Group Sessions. Overnight at PF Guest House, Main Ranch.

  • Day 5: Day at Ranch. Group Sessions. Prep for trek. Overnight at PF Guest House, Main Ranch.

  • Day 6: Begin multi-day supported trek. 12 km. (7 mi.). Service project. Overnight Tent Camp at Don Moncho’s Homestead.

  • Day 7: Trek to view Northern Patagonia Icefield. 12-18 km. (7-11 mi.). Overnight at Tent Camp at Glacier Camp

  • Day 8: Begin return down valley. 12-18 km. (7-11 mi.). Overnight at Tent Camp at Cacho Camp.

  • Day 9: Complete supported trek. Traditional Patagonia Asado (BBQ). 12-16 km. (7-10 mi.) Overnight at PF Guest House, Main Ranch

  • Day 10: Day at Ranch. Integration. Day Ride. Celebratory dinner of Traditional Patagonia Asado (BBQ). 12-16 km. (7-10 mi.) Overnight at PF Guest House, Main Ranch

  • Day 11: Private transfer to Balmaceda Regional Airport. Domestic flight to Santiago. Begin international flight.

  • Day 12: Arrive final destination.


Patagonia Frontiers Philosophy:

“To contact the deeper truth of who we are, we must engage in some activity or practice that questions what we assume to be true about ourselves.” ~A.H. Almaas

We design and lead educational wilderness and leadership programs. Our educational programs work with high schools, universities, camps and other organizations to provide logistics and risk management oversight for the institution's established program or through our own outdoor and leadership curriculum.

Our philosophy is one aimed to advance outdoor education and conserve the wilderness classroom, serving as allies for the surrounding parks and communities. We create a learning environment that pushes students out of their comfort zone in a way that is manageable. Our intent is for students to gain enthusiasm, courage, and techniques to implement positive change moving forward. We want students to gain the enthusiasm and knowledge so that they may positively impact our world and be dreamers and doers in their own lives.

"When we know that the animals and plants are part of who we are, we can listen and respond. Ignoring the trees is like ignoring our lungs when they are congested and we can't breathe. Extinction of the songbirds means the end of our living music. When the planet herself calls to us in our dreams, if we are in touch with the truth of our mutual belonging, our hearts naturally stir with care. We remember that the web of life is our home." ~Tara Brach, excerpted from Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha

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