Our home is located in the Solér Valley on Lago Plomo, a glacial lake at the edge of the Northern Ice Field in the Aysén region of Patagonia, Chile. 

The waters of Lago Plomo are the furthest most western extension of South America's second largest lake, Lago General Carrera. From the regional Balmaceda (BBA) airport, it is a six-hour car or bus ride on paved gravel roads to the picturesque hamlet of Puerto Bertrand. Puerto Bertrand marks the headwaters of Chile's largest river and world-renowned fly fishing destination, the Rio Baker. From the village dock it is a ten-mile boat ride to our dock and main ranch house. The main ranch house is at the end of Lago Plomo and is only accessible by boat or horseback journey.

Our homestead is 2,800+ acres situated at 600 feet above sea level and surrounded by peaks of 4,000 to 6,000 feet with mountains of 11,000 to 14,000 feet located just a few miles away.  It is the western sentinel to over 400 square miles of navigable lake waters and the private gateway to a vast mountain wilderness encompassing the national parks of the Northern Patagonia Ice field and numerous adjacent ranges. This splendid isolation guarantees our exclusive privacy and unique wilderness access. 

Even though we are remote, we are close by to the Patagonia National Park in Valle Chacabuco. The new national park combines two large existing National Reserves with an expanse of privately acquired land that has been donated back to the Chilean National Park System. The park provides an excellent location for game viewing of guanaco, condors, foxes, rheas, and other wildlife. 

Weather: Our activities, as at any time of the year, will be shaped by conditions, including weather.  We are next to the mountains and the Norther Patagonia Ice-field therefore experience some sun, some rain, some warm, and some cool most of the time. Being so low and close to the large of water in the lake, which doesn't freeze in winter, tends to moderate temperature fluctuations in the weather.  Regardless we can get extreme wind, torrential rain, brilliant sunshine all in the same day, so our philosophy is hope for the best, and be prepared so we enjoy whatever comes our way. Seasonally, there are biting gnats and flies. Tabanos (horseflies) are a bother in December and January.  Since we own much of the land we operate on, we're quite flexible in terms of logistics, able to mix and match things to best suit the conditions. 

Patagonia Frontiers @ Lago Plomo, Aysen Region, Chile


Aysen Region, Chile

Overview of the ranch property