Chaura Vista Tundra Cake

~Best cooked over fire in back country~

Chaura is a wild berry found in late spring and early summer in the valley. The small fruiting bush produces berries ranging in color from pink to magenta to off white. 

Collect a nalgene of chaura berries. Likely alongside Don Luis and Tostado, with cattle dogs chasing jack rabbits through sand dunes and nero forests that fluxaute with the ever meandering Solar River. 

After an evening of asado, mix one bread's worth of flour with half of your sugar, add hefty yeast. 

Send your compadre with the wettest shoes to catch some solar glacial melt water- add water until batter is thick. 

Next, stir in all chauras, cinnamon, and vanilla. 

Heat pan over fire, grease thoroughly, pour batter.

Activate yeast by placing pan near fire. Let yeast work until batter expands to fill pan. 

Place pan atop rebar parilla (grill) and pile senisas (hot coals from fire) atop the lidded pan. 

Between sips of pisco, carefully rotate pan to maintain even heat. Until the tip of the handle of your spatchula draws cleanly from cake.