Summer is making its debut

I have made it to the ranch. This place is exquisite- orange velvet bumble bees and blue violets. 

Summer is making it's debut, each week bringing new varieties of wild flowers, and the inevitable bouquets to follow. Geese, swallow, and parakeet paint silhouettes on marshmallow skies, luminescent dragon flies dance through dandelion meadows. 

The ranch is at the end of a turquoise ocean of fresh water sourced by a melting glacier, the lake is called Lago Plomo, and here in the lake I bathe daily in the cloudy mineral waters which some days can be glass-like, and other days with tremendous waves fueled by Patagonia winds. 

As the sun sets behind the peaks, golden light paints mountain tops that the ranch is nested beneath. The jagged grey cliffs turn to plum marmalade pinks and yellows. 

When the sun goes down, on cloudless evenings, through the vibrant night sky my eyes wander. On such clear nights, one can see clusters of far away galaxies, or what astronomers refer to as magellenic clouds. The brighter stars even twinkle with ranging colors of electric blues and reds. Mars is moab-orange and visibly spherical in shape. 

I am noticing that living in the wilderness has altered my perspective on the concept of time. Time continues to exist, here at the ranch, just in a very different way than before. This, a possible side effect of engaging and diving deeply into the present moment repeatedly.