Many clients come to us through word of mouth from previous guests, and student groups.

Guests on our trips and at the ranches have ranged in age between three to eighty-five years old.  You can find more information about our trips, including our international trips outside of Chile, on the Patagonia Frontiers Facebook page, our blog, and read reviews and what others had to say about in the following links:

Feb 2019 - Thank you for a truly spectacular trip. It exceeded my expectations in every way despite looking forward to it for 15 years. My son is already telling folks that it was the best week of his life and I loved the opportunity to share it with my father. I had complete faith that he would be in good hands with you, as was true, and it was a great way for him to start to understand the realities of the world. I can’t thank you enough. B.H. (U.S.)

Feb 2019 - We experienced "the Gaucho Way" in the pristine beauty and grandeur of Northern Patagonia and we truly sensed the culture and way of life that people live in this region of Chile. We loved the combination of a working ranch and adventure ranch that Patagonia Frontiers Ranch provides. The accommodations, including the van escort to and from Balmaceda, the cabin at Puerto Bertrand, the various campsites along the trail, and the guest cabin at the ranch were wonderful. There was a comfortable nature to them, full of rustic charm. Our experience with the ranch staff was outstanding. They were very helpful, hard working, responsible, courteous, inquisitive, and fun. We totally enjoyed engaging in conversation with them and they were very informative about the region and ranch. They did a great job answering questions and seemed prepared for it. The local help was great from our driver, Don Mario, to our gaucho, Don Moncho. We really appreciated their enthusiasm and drive to be there for us and it showed in their actions. Our only disappointment was our own lacking in Spanish to be able to converse more with them! Marvin & Cheryl T. (U.S.)

Jan 2019 - Really spectacular place with amazing people. Really lucky to have gone! - Kate D. (U.K.)

Jan 2019 - Gracias por recibirnos y dejarnos disfrutar de este hermoso paraíso. El poder desconectarme de la ciudad y en la inmensidad de las montañas y lago y poder lograr conectarme conmigo misma. Caminar, sentarme en la orilla de la playa. Escuchar el ruido del agua los pajaros, caballos. Todo un grandioso regalo. Muchísimas gracias por todo, especialmente por crear historias inolvidables. - Magda C. (Chile)

Jan 2019 - Thank you for hosting us in this amazing place. The ranch is magical - I could never have imagined the opportunity to experience such nature. - Sophia M. (US)

Dec 2018 - EVERYBODY from John himself to the driver, all ranch hands, guides, and guests were awesome, fun, helpful, etc. The food was amazing. The trek to high camp and the mini-classes we had were great. Getting to interact with the local gauchos and learn about their culture was really cool! - Daniel R. (US)

Oct 2018 - Our Students had the opportunity to visit Patagonia Frontiers and carry out different outdoor learning activities such as flora and fauna, environmental conservation, sustainable tourism, and basic concepts in glaciology and geography. We greatly appreciate the willingness of John Hauf, director of Patagonia Frontiers facilitating his facilities, support staff and delivery of knowledge from his sufficient experience as an outdoor educator. We believe that these activities are in direct benefit of our students, strengthening and giving sense to content that we develop in the classroom as well as expand their vision of the tourist development of our region and how we must take care, protect and preserve our natural and cultural wealth - Liceo Rural Cerro Castillo (Chile)

July 2018 - Every trip we have done with you has been fantastic and is an experience that both mom and I will cherish forever. Thank you for helping us see the world in ways we wouldn't have otherwise. We can't wait for the next trip! - Claire F. (US)

July 2018 - This is our third trip with PF and I can't say enough great things about John and his group. They create incredible custom adventures just about anywhere in the world you want to go!! - Kathy O. (US)

March 2018 - Our time with you was a wonderful, fun, invigorating, educational adventure - no one could ask for more than you delivered! I cannot tell you how grateful I am that our time with you was so terrific. I can hardly wait for my next adventure with Patagonia Frontiers. - Braden B. (US)

February 2018 - Thanks so much for giving us the most amazing views of Patagonia. The Soler Valley was by far the best picture I've captured with my camera as well as with my brain's shutter speed and it is saved in my soul's hard drive. - Caro M. (Argentina)

January 2018:  The trip exceeded our expectations. There was not a flaw on this trip. The guides were courteous, interesting, knowledgeable, and fun. The horses got the job done well....sure-footed and good-natured. Our Gaucho guides and horse packers, Don Moncho and Don Luis were energetic, helpful and entertaining.   The scenery exceeded our expectations. It was one of our best family trips ever. - Fulton M. (TX)

January 2018:  I had an incredibly pleasant time. This trip is a really great memory. - Miki (Japan via Argentina)

December 2017:  We've been in Chile for six weeks and this is definitely the best thing (mountaineering course) so far. The program was flexible and exploratory. The course changed our whole perspective on mountains and mountaineering. - Bree and Andrew (Australia)

March 2017:  I want to thank you and the crew for the great time you gave us at the ranch and through the walks in your amazing valley. This is a trip we will always remember, not just for the location but also for the friendly team and skillful guiding. - Jon C. (Australia)

Jan 2017:  Nothing but fantastic things to say about John and his hard-working crew! Incredible adventures, views, food and the full family treatment. Extraordinary itinerary including fly fishing, hiking and camping surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Additional education benefit learning about the geologic, cultural and biological resources from John and team leaders. A true Patagonia experience that can be scaled to every level of thrill-seeker. Patagonia is not for everybody, but if you want to experience a slice of its beauty and culture, look no further than Patagonia Frontiers! - Kal J. (US)

October 2016: On behalf of our entire 2016 Team Summit for Stem Cell, and we’re a BIG group, a heartfelt thank you for your leadership and guidance as we all navigated our personal and health challenges on the famous Salkantay, Peru! It made all the difference having you there!

April 2016: Thanks for a great time in Patagonia! It was awesome. We got some great skills and some amazing pictures.  - Gregory M. (US)

March 2016: Thanks again for sharing your part of the world with us - what we experienced was amazing and the memories will last a lifetime. Please share our appreciation for all the crew did to give us such a memorable trip. - Andrew and Betty M., ID

February 2016: The mountains and the people made it great. The experience on the ranch opened me to a completely new environment. John's aesthetic and environmental ethic are contagious. - Clark M., CA

February 2016:  The trip was much more profound than I expected.  Chile’s Patagonia is visually stunning. The rivers are a color blue that I find surreal. The gauchos we encountered were warm, generous and knowledgeable with a wonderful, mischievous sense of humor. Staying at the Ranch was a unique experience. The opportunity to get remote in the Andes, spend time with the gauchos, and immerse ourselves into a foreign culture was more than we expected. Those extraordinary experiences are what make for a memorable adventure. - William W., CA

January 2016: I can't say enough good things about the entire trip! John, the horses, the staff, the food, the cabin, the tent! Truly an incredible experience! One of the most amazing things to me was the relationship between the horses and the people. Very much like family. I will never, ever forget it. - Kathy O., MD

December 2015: The ten days I spent in Patagonia, as arranged by you for that “unstructured” tour was a highlight.  I thought you had things extremely well organized for me. Thanks for all you did to provide me with such a memorable experience.  And I must say, that was one of the most fun Christmases I have had in some time.  Very nicely done. - Charles B., PA