Life at the ranch is rustic and comfortable.           We try to live simply and be judicious in our use of the resources nature provides.

Our guesthouse readily accommodates up to seven guests. It has three rustic rooms; a four-person bunkroom, a single room, and a double room. We can accommodate more guests in camping style format. Gas heaters are available upon request. There are no bathrooms in the guesthouse. Guests use long drop toilets that are near the guest house, the main house, and the dining and social space.  We setup an outside hot shower, when requested, although many guests choose to bathe "Patagonia-style" by taking a brisk run off the end of the dock into the glacial lake.

Meals are simple and wholesome based on what is seasonally and locally available. We drink clean glacial water and grow many of our fruits and vegetables in a large greenhouse and fruit orchard. We have a modest cellar of wines. We dine in community with guests and staff at pre-determined times in our community area.  The shared community area also has dedicated quiet space to cuddle up and read a book or play a board game.

We generate our own solar power. Lights and outlets are all standard Chilean versions and ratings, 220v, 50Hz. The guesthouse uses a solar array and inverter with a 900watt limit, which is well within any standard phone or camera's charging needs. No hair dryers or similar items, please.  

We do not have mobile/cell phone or public internet access. Communication can be attained through our main number, email address, and emergency satellite phone.