Wilderness Adventure, Education, and Nature Conservancy Ranch

We are a privately owned Chilean nature conservancy ranch that offers trekking, horseback trips, fly fishing, ranch vacations, mountaineering, and outdoor educational programs in the heart of Patagonia, Chile.

Since 1999 we have designed and led fully supported trips of varying challenging degrees, ranging from light hikes, to long treks, to mountaineering (all levels). We offer the option of traveling on foot or on horseback to our destinations. Along the way you can fly-fish, raft, kayak and view wildlife. Our neighbors, gauchos working their remote ranches, accompany us on trips as guides and horse packers and add a unique cultural component to our outings. Each trip's length, activity types and difficulty are readily adapted to meet a party's goals and wishes and are best crafted by working together with our clients. Ultimately, we look at a successful trip as requiring a collaboration to come up with the best components. 

We also design and lead wilderness and leadership educational programs. Our educational programs work with camps, high schools, universities, and other organizations providing logistics and risk management oversight for the institution's established program, and/or offering our own outdoor and leadership curriculum.

Take a trip of a lifetime! Please contact us for more detailed itineraries of our trips. 

OUR Vision

Our vision is to help conserve and protect the pristine Patagonian wilderness by exposing people to this unique and remote natural wonder, educating on our impact and empowering our guests to become active leaders and responsible stewards for the environment and their communities.

OUR Mission

Our mission at Patagonia Frontiers is to provide recreational, leadership, and educational adventures and programs for explorers of all ages and skill levels in wilderness areas in Patagonia and worldwide.  As we grow our for profit recreational business we aim to fund a not for profit arm focused on youth wilderness education (Educational Frontiers Institute).


We believe in protecting the safety and well being of all living things. We are committed to taking care of our guests, each other, our neighbors, community, suppliers, the animals and environment, and our resources. We are firm believers in minimal impact (Leave No Trace) ethics; which apply to our ranch, the wilderness, and our community. We try to live simply and use the resources nature provides wisely. We create our own solar power, drink clean glacial water, and grow many of our fruits and vegetables in a large greenhouse and substantial fruit orchard.


John Hauf, our founder, made this region his home in 1989.  John had been traveling and guiding all over the world with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), a non-profit educational corporation, and had fallen in love with for the wild nature of Patagonia. He proposed to NOLS to setup a local branch. His wish was granted and he founded and directed the NOLS Patagonia branch for fifteen years. During his tenure as director it came to serve three hundred students each year from around the world. 

He discovered the ranch as he looked for areas that could be used for mountaineering educational purposes. As time went by he became close friends with all the families living in the valley. In 1999, John had the opportunity to purchase the ranch which makes up our main ranch house from Don Anselmo. Don Anselmo and his family had lived on the land for over generations. He was selling it and approached John somehow knowing that this would be the place that John would call home. 

While John had always been a nomad due to his guiding, the land and region seemed to be a natural fit for him and his way of life. It seemed like a place where the natural world still reigned supreme in people's minds. He had fallen in love with the way the locals were/are at ease with what may seem like a challenging environment. They had found a way to adapt, find a niche, be happy and thrive. Ultimately he had found a place in the world where the uncontrollable ways of nature filled him up in a way that provide a reservoir for whatever reason he may need to draw from it. 

In 1999, he founded Patagonia Frontiers with the intent to make it his home and conserve the land.  He has intentionally built a community where people are drawn to come and be immersed in the natural wonder of Patagonia. All with the intent that it energize anyone visiting to make the world a better place however you want to do that. 

Many of us have come to and joined Patagonia Frontiers for that very reason.